CRU-MM Skin + Beauty  creates one of a kind specialty skincare products for women and men of color. Our expertise is in curating unique formulas that are best enjoyed as a practical luxury. We do our homework researching and formulating products, to make sure we bring you the BEST! Our goal is to celebrate the beauty of our melanin by keeping it healthy. Are you ready to see your melanin in its truest form? Let us help with our evolving collection of specialty products. 

About us

In 2001, I followed my instinct to develop a beauty brand. I was a recent college grad, and desired to find a world that fit innately with my core being. I formally entered the world of beauty that same year with my 1st company The Bodycare Café. I sold at local markets in and around the community, listened intently to consumer concerns, and spent countless hours researching. 

I was approached by ABC’s Shark Tank to appear on the show and even though I did not advance, I fell even more in love with this field. Driven by my desire to help others make their skin a priority, I committed myself to formal training in esthetics and attended school in Baltimore, Maryland. From there, my knowledge and work experiences only expanded. I have spent time on research and development teams, formulating, and engaging in countless hours of research and writing. In that time I have also come to see the inequities that exist in the field.

 In 2016 I decided to open a modest skin care studio that catered exclusively to women and men of color. I craved for a connection with women and men that looked like me and existed along the same cultural vibration. It was a defining moment in my career. There are 3 things that makes my spirit come to life: God, family/friends, and helping women and men of color come face to face with the beauty of their melanin through rituals and routines that support skin health. 

Driven by curiosity and the desire to connect with our users, CRU-MM offers one-of-a kind products through well informed research and intentionality. We want you to trust us with your skin, as we stand firm in curating the best in melanin beauty. We believe that you are the cornerstone of this brand and look forward to building a relationship with you, today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Beautifully Yours, 


Product Details

CRU-MM Modern Melanin Mask
CRU-MM Modern Melanin Mask
CRU-MM Modern Melanin Mask

CRU-MM Modern Melanin Mask

CRU-MM’s modern melanin mask is a premium freeze treatment mask with time released hyaluronic acid to help the skin bind moisture and stay hydrated throughout the day.
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